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About Us

About Us

About V Care Cancer Center

Painless & Seamless Experience for the Patient

V Care is a holistic cancer care centre that was founded with the vision of dispelling the fear surrounding cancer and providing solutions and answers to a disease like cancer that has wrecked families over the years. An organisation which is the brainchild of senior oncologist, Dr. Vikash Kumar Agarwal, who believes that cancer can be cured, if detected early. We, at VCCC believe in integrating the philosophy of healing with the latest innovations in cancer treatment to make it a painless & seamless procedure for patients.

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Holistic Approach
Since 2001

Nationwide Services for Cancer Treatment

As a super speciality cancer center, we aim to provide not only a vast option of cancer treatment, including provision for cancer vaccination, screening facilities, genetic counselling, liquid biopsy etc but also to provide second opinion on ongoing cancer treatments for any type of cancer patients anywhere in the country.

Our Motto

We at VCCC with our latest range of cancer treatment facilities want to be not only the answer to cancer but also be a bridge between rural and urban areas for cancer treatment facilities. We hope to create a better & healthier future tomorrow with the belief that, together we can cure cancer.

At V Care our approach is to provide right treatment solution to our patients with the help of expert oncologist panel, that too at patients choice of City/ Hospital.

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Submit Your Medical Reports

Our Patient Advisor makes sure you have all the medical reports you need to receive your expert treatment plan. We help you determine what questions to ask to get the treatment you need.

Expert Doctors Panel

V Care Tumor Board Panel will go through your reports & then our Patient Advisor will call you for the Tumor Board Consultation.

Plan Tumor Board Consultation

During Tumor Board Consultation, Many Expert Oncologist will be there with your medical reports & they will guide you for the right treatment & provide 2nd Opinion for your ongoing process.

Your Treatment Plan

Expert Oncologists will guide you for the best treatment required for you & you can go for that treatment in your choice of City / Hospital.

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