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Voice Rehabilitation

Voice rehabilitation refers to specialized therapy to help patients who have undergone treatment for head and neck cancers to overcome the potential side effects of chemotherapy and radiation on their swallowing ability and voice quality.

Here at V Care Cancer Center, we also offer voice rehabilitation to patients with neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s or stroke that have caused a voice or swallowing disorder. The voice rehabilitation program also addresses those patients who have undergone surgery as a result of oral cancer, considerably changing the voice or the ability to talk properly.  We have our expert team of Care specialists who help to restore your voice quality to near normal, post surgeries or otherwise with the help of certain exercises. Methods for restoring voice quality may include breathing exercises, lubrication, vocal fold adduction exercises and more. These treatments are provided by a licensed speech-language therapist in conjunction with your surgeon and other specialists. Besides there are other diagnostic tools which help in assessing and testing for voice rehabilitation programs.

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