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At our centre, we cater to patients from all over the country, who are under the treatment of any other doctor, hospital or clinic, but feel the need to get a second opinion.
Genetic makeup determines a lot about our health conditions, risks, and psychological conditions, it’s important to get genetic counseling for both children as well as adults.
Oral Hygiene Care services include 360-degree solutions to combat all kinds of Post-Operative complications such as dryness in mouth, sores, ulcers, ability to taste or chew food, etc.
Through Radiotherapy Skin Care Treatment, probable side effects of undergoing Radiation Therapy can be eliminated such as skin rashes, skin irritation, and reddening of skin in and around the site.
A Prosthesis is an artificial device, that is designed to replace a part of the body, that is lost by injury, any disease, or missing from birth (congenital). It supplements defective parts of the body and makes it work better.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Treatment enable patients with Physical Impairments or Disabilities to maximize independence in daily living, improve quality of life, minimize pain, and quick recovery from impairment.
Voice Rehabilitation Treatment helps patients who have undergone Head, Neck, or Oral surgeries to restore their Voice quality and Swallowing ability through proven exercises and methods.
Drain and Dressing Service can prevent you, at the comfort of your home, from the infections that can spread all over the body due to accumulation of Pus, Blood, or other fluids in the Body
Wide range of health care & other supportive services, provided to cancer patients, at the comfort of their homes A broad array of specialized care are provided by trained personnel.
Palliative Care refers to managing, treating, and supporting patients to cope with various symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress associated with a serious life-threatening illness like cancer.
Yoga Therapy Treatment is often referred to as a Life-Saver by Cancer Survivors. It not only removes body toxins but also releases tension and anxiety which settles you at a greater sense of ease and well-being.
Through Geriatric Assessment you can get a detailed evaluation of your Medical, Psychosocial, and Functional Problems. Specifically, it can identify areas of Vulnerability and can predict Survival.
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