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Prosthesis is an artificial device, that is designed to replace a part of the body, that is lost by injury (traumatic), any disease, or missing from birth (congenital). It is the man-made substitute for missing body parts that also supplements defective parts of the body and makes it work better.

Here at V Care Cancer center, healthcare experts do the assessment & provide treatment to the patients using prostheses. Sometimes, after being diagnosed with cancer, a particular body part may be removed, & the patient has to go through this replacement or implant procedure. At our centre, we provide special prostheses in case of breast or hair implantation, in case of breast removal or loss of hair. In such cases, the prostheses act as cosmetic support. No matter what kind of prostheses you opt for, as per your requirement, the motive is to create a seamless experience. As such, with the provision of special care experts, we take into account that you are in safe hands, go through regular checkups and help you lead a normal life, without feeling handicapped.

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