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Stoma Care

If you are someone who, for some underlying disease such as cancer is unable to pass your stool and urine in the normal ways or through the natural passage, a small surgery known as ileostomy is done, which acts as a bypass that makes it possible for your body to excrete the bodily wastes in a different way. This opening is called a stoma in a belly and acts as a pouch which helps in the storing of the body’s wastes. STOMAS are very delicate & actually the lining of your intestine As the normal excretory functions are restricted in such cases, the care of the stoma is something that becomes crucial in the long run.

This is where V Care experts can help. Our specialised team of caretakers formulate a plan where they are going to assist you in taking proper care of the STOMA. This would include keeping the skin around the STOMA always dry, ensuring that the opening is red, moist & a little shiny. Our STOMA care experts will also ensure that the bag or pouch used has the correct size opening so that it doesn’t leak as well as taking good care of the skin.

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