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Sleep Disorder Support

One out of 3 adults reportedly suffers from sleep disorders. Sleep disorders vary from having constant interruptions in sleep, prolonged periods of staying awake, having nightmares, groaning while asleep, bedwetting, to sleep paralysis etc. The problems of sleep disorder are caused by several factors like prolonged stress, jet lag, hectic schedules etc. In the long run, this can lead to chronic health problems and other psychosomatic disorders.

To address this issue, we at V Care Cancer Centre are there to mitigate this problem with our team of Sleep Disorder Support Care. They will address the symptomatic & asymptomatic signs and formulate plans in terms of counseling or medication wherever necessary. This is followed only after thorough examination or Tests such as Polysomnography, Electroencephalogram, and Multiple sleep latency tests. We would also recommend plans for the patients where they can make considerable changes in their lifestyles such as eating or drinking habits, creating a sleep time schedule etc.

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