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Drain & Dressing

Draining is a very common feature during post-operative surgical time. A drain may be identified in the skin, or deep in an organ, or duct. A patient may have one, or several drains depending upon the type of wound, type of surgery & treatment. Drains in some cases, are tubes that are used near surgical incisions in the postoperative patient, to prevent the pus, blood or other fluid from accumulating in the body. Some drainage from the site occurs until the wound heals. The leakage causes infections that can spread all over the body. So to prevent the leakage, dressings take the role. But dressings or plasters should be changed by the doctor’s advice for hygienic reasons.

In V Care Cancer Center, we take care of all drain & dressing related things, under the supervision of the doctors. We have the provision of a trained team of experts who will help you in the facilitating of drains and dressings, at the comfort of your home.  This is done keeping in mind all aseptic measures for the faster healing of wounds.

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