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By using the most advanced technologies that are time-tested, safe, and effective, we provide 360-Degree solutions for Hair Restoration Therapy. V care experts follow strict safety procedures after proper testing.
Pain Management is the holistic approach to effective pain relief, which not only includes pain-relieving medications but also contains complementary procedures to improve patients' condition.
Through Sleep Disorder Treatment you can treat disorders like constant sleep interruptions, prolonged periods of staying awake, having nightmares, bedwetting, sleep paralysis, and much more.
Stoma Care Treatment is carried out if you are unable to pass stool and urine in normal ways due to some underlying disease such as cancer.
Cancer Vaccines can help prevent certain viruses that can cause cancer as well as helps to prevent cancer from spreading or recurring.
After a proper evaluation of Clinical, Physiological, and Psychological dietary requirements, a proper Nutritional Consultation is provided which sets patients up for a speedy recovery.
The chemotherapy counselling covers all important details relating to chemotherapy including the number of chemo sessions required, overcoming Chemo Fear, its effects & management
Speech and Swallow Rehabilitation helps treating speech-related problems or swallowing disorders which helps patients to regain the normal ability to swallow and fluency of speech.
Psycho Counselling helps to cope with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and fear of Mortality related to cancer. It invokes Confidence and boosts self-esteem in patients.
Get connected to expert Physicians in a single click and get Second Medical Opinion on Treatment, save a lot of money on travelling, and get step by step guide to make required Diagnosis.
Cancer Screening helps to evaluate the chances of Cancer, helps in identifying probable type of Cancer, and helps to detect early stage of cancer without visible signs and symptoms.
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