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Psycho Counselling

Our Mental Health is closely related to a Holistic Well-being of the Individual.

As much as we lay emphasis on physical health, we also understand that our mental health is closely related to the holistic wellbeing of the individual. For generations, there has been so much taboo & shame attached to mental health and it’s time we debunk these notions. Hence, our initiative to open a safe space for our patients where strict confidentiality would be maintained regarding each individual patient.

Psychological counseling may be required in many cases pertaining to psychological disorders, but even more so important for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. To provide holistic care and to ensure a smooth transition for patients prior, during & after cancer treatment, our expert psychologists are to help cope with stress, anxiety or depression related to cancer or the fear of mortality. Professional help is to be provided to such patients to regain their sense of confidence and self-esteem.

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