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Pain Management Care

Pain can be the most annoying & nagging aspect of your life and cause detrimental effects in your everyday life. Pain can be chronic or acute and its degree may also vary but most importantly it’s the body’s language that signals you to something more crucial that underlies. What is even more important is that pain needs to be redressed or managed so that one can live a normal life. Moreover, pain is one of the most common symptoms in cancer and V Care Cancer Centre is extra careful in managing it. Almost all patients experience pain at various stages of the disease. Despite the high prevalence of these symptoms and various international guidelines that are in place for management, there is still a gap between the pain management approaches and achieving satisfactory pain relief.

We, at V Care Cancer Center, understand that a holistic approach is required for effective management, which not only includes pain-relieving medications but should also contain various complementary procedures to treat cancer pain and improve patients’ condition.

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