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Nutrition Consultation

Contrary to popular opinion, getting a nutritional plan is not rocket science.

Only after a thorough examination of the patient’s history, presence of psychosomatic diseases etc, do our nutritionist offer a proper dietary chart. The nutritional plan takes into account the importance of both macro & micro nutrients and lays emphasis on foods that are regional as well as seasonal, such that patients don’t have to unnecessarily invest in artificial supplements or intake such foods that are not affordable or easily available in the market.

Our experienced Nutritionists are offering tailor-made nutritional plans for all your dietary concerns.  V Care nutrition experts will be able to evaluate your clinical, physiological and psychological diet requirements. They get input from the treating V Care Oncologist team about personalised requirement of protein and other requirements for your speedy recovery

If you are someone who needs a special diet regarding your health concern, our team of professional experts are there to guide you with special nutrition plans to make healthier food choices.

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