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Hair Rehabilitation

Hair is not just an essential element that complements your entire look but also adds to your sense of confidence and personality. Hair loss, at an unprecedented rate, is problematic and can lead to balding. As we know, hair loss, and thereby balding can be a result of several factors, including genetic factors, the use of chemotherapy, or the administration of certain drugs. Whatever the reason or complication, we have tailor-made solutions to implant hair either using tropical solutions or surgical remedies.

At V Care, we provide 360-degree solutions for hair restoration therapy. For the tropical or oral solutions, we generally recommend using procedures like Rogaine or Propecia. We use the most advanced technologies that are time-tested, safe and effective. Among the non-surgical procedures, the most popular method is that of scalp micro pigmentation. This is an effective method as a supplement to the surgical procedures used for hair restoration.  We also have under our list of services the provision of getting wigs that don’t require any surgery that at the same time helps to restore your look and personality.  There’s also the provision of Scharf, which is done as per the requirement of the patient. No matter what the procedure of hair restoration, our V Care experts make it a point that all methods follow strict safety procedures after proper testing.

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