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Cancer Screening

Right Diagnosis can Happen at the Right Time with Cancer Screening.

To understand if you are prone to a certain type of cancer at any age or stage of your life or if you have the early stage of cancer without visible signs & symptoms, certain tests are recommended, so that the right diagnosis can happen at the right time. Cancer screening basically examines if there’s any abnormal growth of certain cells or tissues in any part of the body & if they are carcinogenic or may turn malignant in the future.

At our centre, there’s provision for a number of tests such as mammography for breast cancer, HPV Tests & PAP Smear Tests for Cervical cancer, colonoscopy or stool tests for Colorectal cancer screening etc These tests are conducted based on the latest innovations in medical science to maintain a level of accuracy. The assessments of the tests will help us evaluate your chances of cancer & likewise our team would be able to guide you to the next steps accordingly.

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