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What are Home Care Services?

It’s a wide range of health care & other supportive services, provided to cancer patients, at the comfort of their homes. A broad array of specialised care are provided by trained personnel under the supervision of an expert physician, but which does not require the immediate intervention of a doctor or requires a patient to make frequent visits to the hospital, post surgery or in rehabilitation programmes. All such services are provided within the domestic sphere, with the care and feeling of complete comfort.

What Services do we provide?

 Surgical Wound Care

Post-cancer surgery, the wound is regularly given dressing as per required, keeping in mind the materials are properly sterilized to ensure the sutures dry & heal fast. Costs range from 500-1500 INR.

Ulcer Dressing

A simple non-sticky dressing to remove the debris or dead tissues of an ulcer, by a specialised caregiver. Costs range from 500-1500 INR.

 Bedsore Care

For cancer patients with bedsores, the wounds are properly cleansed with a mild cleanser & covered with medicated gauze or special dressing, keeping in mind the infected region gets ventilation & dries quickly.

 Swallowing Rehabilitation

Prophylactic swallowing exercises are provided for cancer patients who have undergone radiation therapy.

 Psychological Rehabilitation & Counselling

To help cancer patients to rehabilitate and lead a normal life without any inadequacy such as walking on their own, taking showers etc as well as provide psychological therapy sessions to help them cope with stress.

 Muscle Training

Patients who have undergone considerable muscle loss/ muscle atrophy, post-cancer treatments or surgery as a result of being on bed rest for a long period of time, can be given proper training to gradually regain muscle & thereby regain strength.

 Post Chemotherapy Sub cut Injection

To ensure the blood count doesn’t drop post-chemotherapy, special sub-cut injections are provided to cancer patients as per required in the case.

 Physiotherapy or Physical Rehabilitation

To ensure cancer patients post-surgery regain strength & proper physical functioning, trained physiotherapists are to provide stretching, strengthening & aerobic exercises.

 Speech Rehabilitation

For Head & Neck Cancer patients undergoing treatment or about to undergo treatments, speech therapy interventions are provided by specialists at regular intervals.

 Mouth Care

Post oral cancer surgery, expert individuals are to guide the cancer patients as to how to take proper care & hygiene of the inner cavity of the mouth, to facilitate faster recovery

 Installation of Feeding Tube/Ryles Tube

For patients, post-surgery of the throat or oral cancer, expert individuals can be sent to their homes for the installation of feeding tubes, via which they would intake medicines and food.

 Urine Catheterization

In circumstances, where patients are unable to pass urine normally, a special catheter would be attached to the patient’s body, which would automatically collect the urine from the bladder to the collection bag.


The Perks of Home Care Services

Treatment at the comfort of your home

Nothing can replace the comfort of a home. You get the best of treatment facilities, with the added feeling of peace & security at your own home.

Zero Travelling Hassle

Recognising the fact that travelling long distances for post care, especially those who don’t live in the vicinity of the hospital, can be quite exhausting. But with our home care services, patients can receive all additional treatments without travelling to & fro.

No Travel Harassment for Patient’s Relatives

Caregivers & caretakers are equally burdened with shouldering the responsibility of the patient’s health. With our home care services, patient’s relatives can take a break & save the additional cost & time incurred otherwise.

Saves Workday Loss for the Patient

We understand the demands of patients, who can’t afford to lose a workday as well as avoid their health demands. A holistic home care service provides the much needed flexibility to the patient that doesn’t make them take additional leaves from workplace.

Saves Additional Expenditure

Keeping in mind the economic aspect of the patients, our home care services not only come in affordable packages, but also provides the scope of saving additional expenditures that are incurred otherwise, when frequently visiting a hospital.

Who can avail Home Care Services?

As an organization with the belief that holistic treatment must be meted out to all those seeking it, our home care services are open to all. Currently, our services will target those who are in & around Kolkata, but we hope to expand further, in the time to come.

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