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4 things every cancer patient should know about immunity

Immune system

Cancer is still a leading cause of mortality globally, and its 8.2 million annual death toll is only predicted to rise due to an aging population. Your body is engaged in a conflict between good and evil every second of every minute of every day. Your immune system, which is the best defense against disease and infection, is a positive thing. Pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and altered cells with harmful programming are examples of the evil. Cancer is one of those diseases where good men don’t always win. However, as research, new therapies, and developing technologies advance, physicians will have additional means to support the immune system in doing what it was designed to do—that is, defend against dangers such as cancer

The immune system is a potent biological machine that functions well. It defends against viruses and diseases and shields us from millions of bacteria. Its reactions are so strong that they have the potential to induce fevers, aches, pains, edema, and inflammation. It is crucial for a patient to maintain optimal nutrition and immune function. When you are fighting cancer, your immune system may go through the following changes:


The immune system can be weakened by cancer because it can no longer create enough neutrophils, which are white blood cells vital to combating infection. As a result, your body becomes more susceptible to infection and your immune system becomes weaker. Patients who have lymphoma or leukemia typically face this obstacle, although the danger of developing any other cancer type persists. One strategy to strengthen your immune system is to eat a well-balanced diet, but you must first create an eating schedule that suits you.


Treatments for cancer may impair immunity:

The lymphatic system, a network of glands and channels that is a component of your immune system, may be harmed by radiation treatment. Similarly Chemotherapy and steroids destroy rapidly proliferating cells, such as cancer cells and bone marrow cells, causing damage to the bone marrow and insufficient synthesis of immune system cells that fight disease, so weakening the immune system. Protective medication use can lower your risk of illness and strengthen your immune system.


Immunity may aid in the fight against cancer:

Although certain immune system cells can identify abnormal cells and destroy them, this ability is insufficient to completely eradicate the cancer. Increasing and stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies that ultimately aid in the fight against malignant cells is one method of achieving acquired immunity, which involves exposing your body to the infection in small doses.


Immunotherapy locates and eliminates cancer cells by using the immune system:

It is a cutting-edge and highly promising cancer treatment that functions by boosting immune function, which improves the generation of cells that fight cancer and preserves healthy cells.


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