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A Hug Can Heal Everything

Of the many wonderful beauties surrounding human relationships and the social unity of mankind, the language and poetics of a hug apparently seem to transcend the borders of the human race & culture. As a species, we have evolved in how we express our emotions & yet certain things remain innate. The act of ‘hugging’ is perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of human relationships but it has its roots back to the earliest form of human civilization.  Have you ever experienced the power of a warm embrace? The simple act of hugging someone can work wonders on both our physical and emotional well-being. From comforting a crying child to consoling a grieving friend, hugs have the ability to heal everything.

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While the physical benefits of hugging may not be immediately apparent, research has shown that it can have a significant impact on our body’s stress levels. When we hug, our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone that helps reduce stress and anxiety. This hormone is also called the love hormone that has the same chemical reactions in our brain when we are in love. Needless to say, it encompasses all types of love and not just romantic love. When we hug someone, even if it’s a stranger, we automatically feel good inside.

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A hug has great capacity to reduce tensions and conflicts. Imagine a world, where instead of using guns and other weapons of mass destruction, we invested our time to approach someone with a hug to solve issues. Half of this planet is love-starved. There’s so much pent up emotions building up inside us & we feel emotionally detached from our fellow human beings. The world perhaps needs, right now, a hug more than anything else in a climate of socio-political conflicts. The power of a hug was a key element that was made even more popular in the Bollywood film, ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, directed by Raj Kumar Hirani, with the showcase of what came to be known as ‘Jaddu ki Jhappi’. It translates to the idea of a magical hug, denoting how a genuine hug is nothing less than pure magic.

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Hugging has also been shown to lower blood pressure, which is important for maintaining a healthy heart. When we hug, our heart rates slow down, and our bodies relax, reducing the strain on our cardiovascular system. In today’s time and age, this aspect of hugging has become more important than it ever was, given our fast paced and mechanical lives.

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But the benefits of hugging go beyond just our physical health. Hugging can also have a profound impact on our emotional well-being. When we hug someone we care about, we feel a sense of warmth and comfort that can help ease feelings of sadness, loneliness, or depression. Hugging can also increase our feelings of self-worth and boost our self-esteem, which is especially important during times of stress or difficulty.

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One of the most important benefits of hugging is its ability to strengthen our relationships. Whether we are hugging a friend, family member, or partner, or a random stranger, the act of embracing someone can help us feel more connected and closer to them. Hugging is also one of the most potent methods, although in a non-verbal way, to communicate our emotions and feelings. Years back this simple and powerful message was shared in the song-video composed by A.R Rahman title, ‘Jiya se Jiya’ which brought to light the impact of hugs as random strangers all over the city put up a placard, stating, “Free Hugs” as an open invitation to hug for all.

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The healing power of a hug is especially evident during difficult times. When we experience loss or trauma, it can be difficult to put our feelings into words. But a hug can offer comfort and support when words fail. Whether we are holding someone as they cry, or offering a simple hug to let them know we are there for them, the act of embracing someone can help ease their pain and provide a sense of hope and healing.

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Are you aware that there’s a new emerging concept that has already become popular in some countries and it’s this idea of a ‘professional hugger’? Though it might be a controversial topic, subject to debate about its relevance, in some countries, they have already welcomed this idea wholeheartedly. What it allows is to hire a professional hugger, who gives a hugging session to the person in need for a fixed timing. This is almost similar to any other therapy session and the person providing this kind of service is a certified trainer in most cases.

India, as a nation is a multicultural country, where we take pride in celebrating our diversity by participating in the festivals of all communities. Can you imagine any Indian festival or celebration that does not involve people from all walks of life, coming together and the first thing they do is give each other a warm embrace. This simple act has become an intrinsic part of our life, almost as an instinct, from a very early age. What a hopeless world it would be if there’s no scope to hug another fellow being.

In conclusion, the simple act of hugging has the power to heal both our physical and emotional well-being. From reducing stress and anxiety to strengthening our relationships, hugs have the ability to heal everything. So, the next time you see someone you care about, don’t be afraid to give them a hug. You never know how much it could mean to them. At VCCC, what we offer is not simply medical aid covering a broad spectrum of diseases, but a holistic care system. Both Dr. Vikash Kumar Agarwal, senior oncosurgeon & Vibha Agarwal, certified Health Coach from the USA, have voiced the aspect of care, blurring the strict lines of medical jargon. They have reminded us time and again, how ultimately what makes us human, is embracing the core human values and relations that make this planet one.

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