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Can Shampoo Cause Cancer?

Can Shampoo Cause Cancer?

Remember that popular commercial popping up on your television screen, where a woman flaunts her beautiful silky hair that has everyone glued to the screen? By the end of the commercial, she attributes her silky hair to a renowned shampoo brand, inviting the viewers to buy it. A 30 sec commercial has the potential to change not only the mindset of the viewers but also harbour the thought in individuals that the purchasing of a particular product, (in this case a shampoo) and the consumption of it can magically change their self image to fit into the notion of what is socially acceptable. Our blind consumption of products showcase how we often fall for marketing gimmicks without recognising the pitfalls of such products in the long run.

If you are still clueless about what we are talking about, it’s the recent controversy surrounding the use of shampoos. Yes, you heard it right. A recent study conducted in the US by the Food & Drug Administration has found some shocking results, linking some renowned shampoo brands with possible links to cancer.

What is even more baffling is that shampoos have become such an indispensable part of our daily lives, that any possible connection to cancer seems deeply disturbing. But the problem lies not in the regular shampoos that we have been using for generations now. What caught the attention of shampoos lately was the use of what is known as ‘Dry Shampoos’ that have been widely used in the west and as a result of globalizations has been under the risk of being percolated into mainstream society even in the developing nations. The recent studies show that many such popular brands under the label of dry shampoos have been using a chemical compound called ‘Benzene.’ This chemical has been known as a potential carcinogenic and exposure or direct contact with this compound over a period of time is said to cause  blood cancers or leukaemia.

So, what is happening is that in the craze to buy and use every new product that comes in the market without verifying its authenticity, we often unknowingly fall for traps that lead to our own doom. Now, even if one forgets about dry shampoos, it is equally important to check the ingredients that come with such products, remarks senior oncologist of V Care Cancer Centre, Dr. Viklash Kumar Agarwal. In the race for fast consumption, we have often become scapegoats, risking our own health in the long run. At a time, when shampoos have become more than just part of personal hygiene and more about a lifestyle statement, one must maintain caution about the ingredients that go into the making of such products. As much as one may not be able to verify with full authenticity as to how far dry shampoos can lead to cancers, a little awareness and caution can go a long way in saving lives in the long run.

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