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Telecommunication & virtual consultation for cancer patients

In the era of technology and digital supremacy, telecommunication and virtual consultation play a crucial role in saving lives. These days, the advantages of consulting a doctor, or taking an expert healthcare professional’s opinion have incredibly cemented a bridge of revolution in the field of healthcare. Health issues can occur at any time and the busy schedule of working professionals make it difficult at times to rush towards the doctors with the near and dear ones. The benefits of accessing the virtual consultation at any time thus have been a serious upliftment. People who live in distant villages too have greatly benefited from this technology. The situation is understandable when a person suffers from cancer, he goes through uncertainty, anger, fears, sleeplessness, sadness etc. If their family members are dependent on him/her, they have several responsibilites to maintain towards them. So every time it might not be possible to visit the doctor, when it can be done through just a phone call. The ease of consulting a doctor at your convenient timing is the most salient benefit offered by Virtual Consultation.


For cancer patients also who are suffering for years, telecommunication helps them to be well-connected with the doctor. It helps to make quick and better decisions that enhance the therapeutic alliance between both patient & doctor. This process saves travel time and the risk of catching the infection during travel or other patients at the clinic.

This question often arises: how to get quality treatments living in distant villages or less developed places? What will you do if you need immediate assistance? And the answer is one can easily get expert advice even living in a remote area through a telephonic consultation. which medical tests to do, which place to go for those tests, which next action to take for further treatments, the entire preparation can be done through this without visiting the doctor physically. Even if someone needs a second opinion before going for a surgery they can communicate through virtual consultation. As we know that cancer treatment follows a multimodal method, this process is beneficial in endless ways.

In cancer treatments, a doctor needs to understand their patient’s habits, needs, preferences, likings & disliking which requires meeting them frequently. But if a person is consulting a doctor who stays far away from his area then the only solution is Telemedicine. Telemedicine is another vital part of telecommunication. For the advancement of communication technology, now good healthcare service is easily accessible to all despite the physical distances and busy schedule. When a person suffers from Cancer, their mental condition breaks down, they often think this is not curable. Sometimes the overstress turns into mental illness. Here comes therapeutic communication. Therapeutic communication is another most effective part of telecommunication, a way to make the patient feel safe and at ease. There are two types of therapeutic communication: verbal and nonverbal. Some therapeutic communication techniques are,

  • Active Listening is one of the most effective ways to make the patient feel safe and at ease


  • By Touching
  • Sharing Feelings



  • Sharing Empathy
  • Sharing Humor
  • Assuring patients by providing information
  • Showing Respect to that individual
  • Confrontation


Telemedicine is beneficial for medical imaging, video consultation, remote medical diagnosis and evaluation, medication management & tele-treatment. This process provides support when distance separates both healthcare workers & patients and offers tangible benefits.

So if you are a working professional, going through a tight schedule and fighting cancer morbidity, can’t find enough time and also want to cut the extra costs of travelling, while visiting the doctor on a routine basis, you can consult us virtually for expert advice at V Care Cancer Cancer. Our caregiver health assistants are here to collect your samples and necessary medical records at one call. VCCC has been the one stop cancer centre at Phoolbagan, Dhanbad and Siliguri, for all sorts of cancer treatments under the same roof by the expert doctors.

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